Our Founder – Malay Kumar Rout

As an ardent learner and meticulous implementer of concepts, his keen sense of learning and exploring the corporate world has led him to foray into businesses that has displayed his skills and in-depth knowledge, that spans from retail to garments and alcohol. Thus his experienced repertoire, has sculpted him to seasoned market analyst and effective strategist.

His finance background coupled with an uncanny zeal for conceptualisation, strategy and effective application of strategies has given him the opportunity to work with some of the leading brands in the country. He played a pivotal role in opening up new markets, brand building, brand positioning, marketing and distribution network. Finally in 2016, started his own venture, Solutions By InAct, representing well known international brands in India and Sub Continent.

He is a certified WSET professional, with 21+ years of hands-on experience and acumen-ship to drive the profitability of businesses across different platforms. However, his strength has been the ability to network and connect with people from all walks of life. It is this quality that has given him the skin-deep understanding of different markets and the edge of being a goal-driven planner and a dynamic team leader, who is constantly in search of a newer concept and bigger challenges.

His hunger to explore and share facts & activity of beverages industry pushed him to create WSCI – “Wine & Spirits Club of India” where it has 22500+ virtual members from 102 countries around the globe.


Discover your personal taste

Alcohol is always with a multiple dynamic personality and we tend to glimpse at one of the characters to understand it and miss the complete horizon. For us it is about complete the uncompleted moments with a lot of excitement, joy and craziness. It will not be wrong to summarise that it is the only industry with the maximum number of myths and sometime people assume myths to be the real truth. At WSCI we always emphasise reality over myth and follow the tag line ” Drink Tastefully and Enjoy Responsibly”.