Choya Umeshu, the 7th biggest Liqueur brand in the world, now available in India in a more strategic way.

Very recently Choya the 7th biggest liqueur brand from Japan signed a longterm contract with the leading import, marketing and distribution company Monika Alcobev Limited to have an all India presence and make the brand more prominent across. Confirming the news Kondo Shigehiro, the CEO of Choya mentioned that it is the right time to amplify the brand and work closely with Monika Alcobev Ltd, the local partner in India. Kunal Patel (Kp Patel), the MD of Monika Alcobev also confirmed that Choya got a great potential in India specially if it is placed and marked well because the flavourful Choya will go fabulously well with the spice heavy Indian food. He also put a stress on the point that a low alcohol beverage like Choya will soon be a health friendly drink proposition for many Indians who keep exploring their drinks.

A simplest recipe is Choya with few ice cubes and soda, which is healthy as well as exotic.

Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly… KAMPAI

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