I found this interestingly packaged Indian whisky called #Facewood barrel fired in Goa. Unfortunately couldn’t taste it so it will be fabulous if you could share your experience. Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly. Solutions By InAct

Ashanti Rum

Make your #Holi2023 colorful with the smooth touch of Ashanti Rum . Now also available in the nearest outlet in Assam and Meghalaya along with all other major cities in India. Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly. Monika Alcobev Limited #ruminIndia#rumlovers#happyholi#spicedred


How much do we know about the grape varietal Carignan? It is a red wine grape variety originated in Spain yet commonly found in French wines, majorly South of France. In 1988 it was planted in 4,10,000 acres and became France’s most widely planted grape variety. It is also known as one of the last …

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Ashanti Rum

A thought to make your weekend more flavorful with Ashanti Rum. What’s your unspoken attraction Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly. Solutions By InAct, Monika Alcobev Limited#rum#rumlover


Copter7 – Ye Wala Thoda Kadak Rahega ! Because the inspired from Jharkhand is now brewing in Jharkhand. This special stock is exclusively available in Jharkhand now. Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly Solutions By InAct , Copter7Official


I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot but together we can reach greater heights. We are thrilled to announce the marketing and strategic association with the wine brand Johnston for India Sub Continent. Johnston is the brain child of David O’Leary and produced to perfection by Awm Global in Australia. The new vintage will reach India by 1st …

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BushMills Original

Do you remember your first whisky sip, it is time now to recall with Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Let’s take one step ahead as supremacy over taste, talking loud about traditions and disagreement on the production procedure are going to be never ending between the world of Scotch and Irish whiskey. Both Scotland and Ireland are …

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Season’s greetings from the house of Hammeken Cellars Spain, the best grape Tempranillo and the very vibrant wine RADIO BOKA . Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly. Solutions By InAct, Alcostar Distillers


HLIBNY DAR, the flagship brand is amongest the top 5 selling global vodka as per Drinks International. It is produced by the Ukrainian National vodka company Bayadera group, recently crowned with Double Gold at #warsawspiritscompetition2022. Drink tastefully and enjoy responsibly. Solutions By InAct,