BushMills Original

Do you remember your first whisky sip, it is time now to recall with Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Let’s take one step ahead as supremacy over taste, talking loud about traditions and disagreement on the production procedure are going to be never ending between the world of Scotch and Irish whiskey. Both Scotland and Ireland are integral for the world of whisky and beautifully different from each other in every aspects.

An open secret about distillation pertaining to both is known to every enthusiasts like Scotch is distilled twice whereas Irish Whiskey’s is thrice. I will not go into the debate if twice is good or thrice yet I wish to highlight that both are heavy with the traditions and procedures.

BushMills, for over 400 years, it carried on an ancient whiskey tradition and became the World’s Oldest licensed whiskey distillery based in Northern Ireland. BushMills Original is the mass market expression of BushMills blended Irish whiskey. It is clean & crisp and got a very bright and welcoming blend. It is light, floral, sweet and easy to drink. A combination of pure single malts whiskey and a lighter grain whiskey with a rich, smooth warming taste.

So to summarise a 5 years whiskey, aged in bourbon and sherry cask with fresh fruit and vanilla notes, might not be to everyone’s taste but definitely a great whiskey to begin one’s journey into the world of whisky.

Drink tastefully and Enjoy responsibly.

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